The World's Best
Water Security System

FLO n STOP Wireless Water Shutoff System

        US Patents 5881755 and 8201572  -  Certified to NSF61 Annex G  -  Meets State and Municipal Plumbing Codes

How FLO-n-STOP™ Works

For pro-active and convenient operation of the entire household water supply system, the battery operated Button Pad Controller should be placed at the most used Exit/Entry point to the Dwelling. This allows you to easily turn the water OFF or ON to the entire home every time the dwelling is unoccupied or when an emergency situation occurs that requires the water to be shut off immediately.

With a Push of the ON/OFF button, a Wireless Signal is sent to the Transceiver
Module that is plugged into an outlet. (wireless range of up to 30 feet).

   The Lead Free Brass Solenoid Valve is installed into the water supply 
    line after the main shut-off valve. The
   Solenoid Coil is plugged into the base
   of the Transceiver Module.

The optional 24/7 Water Sentinel Floor Sensor is placed on the floor in every area where a water appliance or fixture is installed to detect leaks on the floor
   (wireless range of up to 50 feet). An unlimited amount of floor sensors
   may be used in each dwelling.

   If water comes in contact with the floor sensor, the Water Sentinel
   sounds an alarm and transmits a coded wireless signal to the Transceiver to effect the
SHUT-OFF of the Solenoid Valve that supplies water to the dwelling ... day or night!

 How it Protects Your Home

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