The World's Best
Water Security System

FLO n STOP Wireless Water Shutoff System

        US Patents 5881755 and 8201572  -  Certified to NSF61 Annex G  -  Meets State and Municipal Plumbing Codes

Convenience and Security is assured with the knowledge that your dwelling is protected against accidental water damage and mold from broken water pipes, faulty water appliances, earth tremors, and frozen then thawed water lines with automatic water detection and shutoff.


The FLO-n-STOP™ Wireless Water Shut Off System has many benefits:

Basic Unit
         Water is turned ON or OFF with a touch of a button from a convenient location
         Wireless operation, easy to install, no hardwires to run
         Built in Manual Override opens water valve during power outage

         Up to 16 Individual Codes available
         24/7 Water Sentinel Wireless Floor Sensor with alarm.  It detects water on the
               floor to prevent water damage from ruptured household water supply lines and is
               always on guard, day and night.
         Up to 256 Individual Codes available for Multi-unit Installations -
            (i.e. Condo/Apartments Building, Dental/Doctor Office, Commercial Building)

 How it Protects Your Home

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24 Hours a Day
7 Days a Week
365 Days a Year

With the FLO n STOP Wireless Water Shutoff System, you have 24/7 protection, away or at home. Read More

Leak Prevention Tip Of The Month

Replace the flapper or fill valve assembly if you notice intermittent or
constant tank refilling when the toilet is not in use.